Introduction of accessories of worm gear reducer

Accessories of worm gear reducer:


2. Worm: 20Cr steel.Carbon and nitriding treatment (the hardness of the tooth surface is maintained at HRC60 after fine grinding, and the hardness and thickness are greater than 0.5mm).

3. Worm gear: wear-resistant nickel bronze with special configuration.

4. Oil cap/ventilator: It is mainly used to discharge the gas in the case of the turbine worm reducer.

5. End cover: It is divided into a large end cover and a small end cover. The end cover is used to fix the axial position of the shafting components and bear the axial load. Both ends of the bearing seat hole are closed with bearing covers.

6. Oil seal: It is mainly used to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil inside the chassis and improve the use time of lubricating oil.

7. Oil drain plug: It is mainly used to discharge dirty oil and clean it when replacing lubricating oil.

8. Oil gauge cover/oil gauge: It is mainly used to observe whether the oil quantity inside the casing of the turbo-worm reducer meets the standard.