Reducer with servo motor will improve performance and reduce equipment cost

In the application of modern industrial equipment in high-precision applications, with the development of servo motor technology, from high torque density to high power density, the increase in speed is higher than 3000 rpm. Due to the increase in speed, the power density of the servo motor is greatly increased.This means that whether the servo motor needs to be equipped with a reducer is mainly determined from the application requirements and cost considerations.

  1. Improve performance: It is understood that improper matching of load inertia is one of the biggest reasons for the instability of servo control.For large load inertia, the inverse square of the reduction ratio can be used to adjust the best equivalent load inertia to obtain the best control response.So from this point of view, planetary gearboxes are the best match for the control response of servo applications.

  2. Increase the service life of the equipment: The planetary reducer can also effectively solve the attenuation of the motor's low-speed control characteristics.Because the controllability of the servo motor will cause a certain degree of attenuation due to the decrease in speed, it is especially easy to see the stability of signal acquisition and current control at low speeds.Therefore, the use of a reducer can make the motor have a higher speed.

  3. Reduce equipment cost: From a cost point of view, assuming that a 0.4KW AC servo motor is used with a driver, it will cost one unit of equipment cost, and a 5KW AC servo motor with a driver must cost 15 units of cost, but if a 0.4KW servo motor and driver are used , With a set of reducers, it can achieve the aforementioned 15 unit costs to complete, saving more than 50% in operating costs.