Three main points of reasonable protection of cycloid reducer

(1) Strengthen the "three filter" protection of the cycloid reducer

  Strengthen and pay attention to the timed protection of air filters, oil filters and diesel filters, especially in windy and sandy areas.After experiments, the wear of the inner wall of the cylinder liner without an air filter on the sandy road is dozens of times or more larger than when the air filter is installed.

  (2) Adhere to the smoothness of the cycloid reducer

  Mainly include the following points:

  ① Ensure that the oil pressure conforms to the rules of the engine manual;

  ② Adhere to the quantity and quality of oil to meet the needs;

  ③ Select oil with appropriate viscosity according to the season;

  ④ Use piston rings with suitable elasticity when operating the piston rings.

  (3) Improve the warranty quality of the cycloid reducer

  Timed warranty is a very important technical requirement. It is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the technical standards of the vehicle, and eliminate the aggravation of cylinder liner wear due to human factors such as repair and improper installation.