The cycloidal pinwheel reducer has a unique and novel design, with a compact and rigid layout.

Overall layout: The cycloidal pinwheel reducer has a unique and novel design, compact layout, strong and durable;

  Body: standard pearlitic gray cast iron is selected, the layout is optimized and described, the volume is small and the strength is high;

  Shafting parts: accurately balanced shafting can withstand high cantilever loads and shock loads, ensuring operation in the harshest environments.All bearings are imported brand bearings, with a long life.The shaft parts are made of high-quality alloy steel with excellent mechanical properties;

  Power source: The source power of the cycloid reducer can be a standard motor, various special motors, or other power sources, which can be easily connected to the cycloid reducer.

  Gear: Made of high-quality alloy steel, finely ground after carburizing and quenching, high transmission efficiency, strong bearing capacity, stable operation and low noise;

  Lubrication: The whole machine has been filled with lubricating oil according to the installation method required by the customer before leaving the factory, and the customer can directly install and use it according to the requirements in the instruction manual.The lubricating oil is a high-performance imported special gear oil.

  Application environment: The cycloidal pinwheel reducer is suitable for operation in the ambient temperature of -10~+40℃, and the altitude can reach 1000 meters.

  Transmission method: coaxial transmission, the input shaft and the output shaft are on the same line;

  Whole machine: There are various installation methods, which can meet the needs of various installation methods of different customers.