Types and devices of WB aluminum alloy micro-cycloid reducer

Types of WB Aluminum Alloy Micro Cycloid Reducer:



  WB type series aluminum alloy miniature planetary cycloid reducer device:

  When installing the WB series aluminum alloy miniature planetary cycloid reducer, attention should be paid to the centering of the intermediate axis of the transmission, and the error should not be greater than the compensation amount of the coupling used.The centering machine can extend the service life and achieve the ideal transmission power.When installing the transmission part on the output shaft, it is not allowed to hit with a hammer. Generally, the device clamp and the internal thread of the shaft end are used, and the transmission part is pressed in with bolts, otherwise the internal parts of the cycloid reducer may be damaged.It is best not to use rigid fixed couplings, because the improper installation of such couplings will cause unnecessary external loads, resulting in early damage to the bearing, and even cracking of the output shaft in severe cases.