How much do you know about the working principle of the gear reducer

When it comes to gear reducers, I believe many people are familiar with them and use them frequently. However, according to relevant departments recently, many customers have not had a good understanding of their working principles after purchasing gear reducers. I started to use its products, which caused many machines to be unable to be used normally in the later stage. Therefore, today Yongtengxiang Reducer Co., Ltd. will give a brief introduction to the relevant working principles of the gear reducer. Let’s get to know it in detail!
The gear reducer is a machine with large power transmission. It can use the speed converter of the gear to reduce the motor to the required number of revolutions, so it is widely used.Its traces can now be seen in the transmission system of almost all kinds of machinery.Ships, automobiles, locomotives, heavy machinery for construction, processing machinery for machinery industry, etc.Its application can be seen from the transmission of large power to the transmission of small loads and precise angle transmission. In industrial applications, the gear reducer has the functions of deceleration and torque increase.Therefore, it is widely used in speed and torque conversion equipment.It can effectively increase the output torque while reducing the speed. The torque output ratio is multiplied by the motor output and the reduction ratio, and at the same time, the inertia of the load is reduced, and the reduction of the inertia is the square of the reduction ratio.
Its working method is generally used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. The power of the motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed operation is achieved by meshing the gear with a small number of teeth on the input shaft of the gear reducer with the large gear on the output shaft to achieve deceleration. For the purpose, there will be several pairs of gears with the same principle to achieve the ideal deceleration effect. The ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio.Different products have different principles of use, just like the gear reducer we are talking about today, so after reading the above article, do you have a better understanding of the gear reducer? ?