The performance of ABR series right angle fine planetary gear cycloid reducer

The performance and characteristics of ABR series right angle fine planetary gear cycloid reducer:

  1. The transmission interface of the planetary cycloidal pinwheel reducer adopts the full needle roller bearing without the retainer, and the touch area is increased to improve the rigidity of the structure and the output torque;

  2. Use 3D/PORE drawing and analysis technology to trim the tooth shape and lead of the helical tooth surface respectively, so as to reduce the impact and noise of the gear on the meshing and meshing, and increase the service life of the gear train;

  3. The gear material is made of high-grade chromium-molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel, which is quenched and tempered to a hardness of 30HRC, and then the hardness of the gear surface is nitrided to 840HV using our leading ion nitriding equipment to achieve the best resistance Abrasion and impact toughness;

  4. The planetary arm and the output shaft of the cycloid reducer are designed with an integrated layout, and the bearing equipment of the output shaft is designed with a large span to ensure the maximum change of rigidity and output load capacity;

  5. The oil seal touch interface at the output end adopts the leading titanium nitride (TiN) coating, the surface hardness is above 2000HV, and the surface roughness of the touch surface is below Ra 0.2um, which can ensure the lowest friction coefficient and lowest starting torque;

  6. Use NYOGEL792D to form lubricating grease, and use the sealing design of IP65 protection level, the lubricating oil will not leak and be protected;

  7. The connection between the input end of the cycloid reducer and the motor adopts a collet type locking mechanism and is analyzed by dynamic balance to ensure the concentricity of the contact interface and the power transmission with zero backlash at high input speed;

  8. The sun gear made of the whole gear bar has strong rigidity and accurate concentricity;

  9. Modular description of the unique motor connecting plate and bushing, suitable for any servo motor;

  10. The surface of the gear box is treated with electroless nickel, and the motor connecting plate is treated with black anode to improve environmental tolerance and corrosion resistance;

  11. The gearbox and the inner ring gear are designed in one piece, with compact layout, high precision and large output torque.