Introduction to the advantages of the gearbox box of the gear reducer

The gearbox housing is designed using the market-proven one-piece design concept (that is, all bearings are integrated into a one-piece housing), and is finished by the most advanced CNC machine tools (fixed by the CNC machine tool fixture) .The advantage of the one-piece design is that it can achieve high precision, high hardness and high strength of the box.After applying the one-piece housing, there is no gap between the drive unit and the reducer (if there is a gap, the gap will be affected by lateral forces and torques).The one-piece molding concept can also realize the staggered axis lines, thereby realizing a more compact product design, which is convenient for the application of ball bearings, so as to ensure a long service life of the product.One-piece housing advantages: for optimum sealing performance: for optimum sealing performance for quiet operation High torque capability for enhanced lubrication service life for longest bearing and gear service life High reliability Long service life Symmetrical design B14 surface on output side (Standard) 6 Mounting Configurations Enable Mirror Mounting Gearboxes of all ratios (2nd and 3rd stage) use the same housing and mounting dimensions.