Improve the damage caused by fatigue of the gear reducer

The reason for the fatigue damage of the tooth surface gear reducer is that one is due to the quality problems in the processing and manufacturing process of the reducer; the other is that the selection of process equipment is wrong, and the thermal power cannot meet the requirements of the production process, resulting in the actual load during operation. Large, hidden defects are gradually exposed, resulting in the final contact fatigue damage of the gear, the peeling and fracture of the rack, and the scrapping of the equipment.Therefore, the selection of hardened gear reducer must be careful.

  Measures to Improve Fatigue of Hardened Gear Reducer

  (1) Negotiate with the manufacturer to change the material of the intermediate gear shaft from 20CrMnTi to 20CrMnMo to improve its comprehensive mechanical properties and prolong its life.

  (2) Adjust the reduction, reduce the load and eliminate low-temperature rolling, so as to ensure that the thermal power value of the reducer will not decrease due to excessive rolling force.

  (3) Improve the environmental conditions of the reducer and adopt forced air blowing to reduce the oil temperature of the reducer.

  (4) Careful maintenance operations, strengthen spot inspections, ensure the amount of lubricating and cooling oil, and replace the medium in time to ensure oil performance.

  (5) It is planned to increase the oil circuit circulation facilities; the oil pump of the additional fuel tank replaces the stationary oil in the small-capacity body oil pool with flowing oil to further reduce the cooling, and the upper oil injection also improves the lubrication capacity and improves the contact state.