Repair of reducer wear

The reducer is the key equipment of the vertical mill system. Due to the extremely harsh mission conditions of the reducer, it has to run under the condition of continuous shock, vibration and overload, and the service life is required to be more than 15 years, and the reliability requirements are particularly high. , The use of vertical mills puts forward higher requirements for the design and manufacture of reducers.

  During the repair process, the parts are always in a normal temperature state, and there is no internal stress, no thermal deformation, cracks, annealing, softening, and no potential effects of breaking and cracking.High bonding strength, no shedding, no hard spots, high surface finish, adjustable hardness.

  Suitable for low carbon steel and low carbon alloy steel, medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel, high carbon steel and high carbon alloy steel, high strength alloy steel, stainless steel, cast steel, cast iron, copper and copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy , Zinc and zinc alloys, chromium, nickel, chromium-nickel steel and unknown materials for repair.

  The repair position is accurate and flexible, the amount of repair can be controlled accurately, and it can be repaired without disassembly on site. After the repair, the tool grinding technology can be used to accurately restore the size.The reducer is used for grinding cement, coal and other industrial raw materials such as construction, chemical industry and ceramics.