Regularly check the worm gear reducer

Regularly check the worm gear reducer, and apply lubricating oil before pressing the mating surface between the worm gear and the shaft, and the bearing and the shaft.If the worm wheel is assembled, the worm wheel ring should be press-fitted on the hub and tightened.There are two commonly used methods to install the worm gear on the shaft: press-fit assembly and heating assembly.Install the worm gear shaft assembly into the casing, and then install the worm into the casing. The axis of the worm should be aligned with the middle plane of the worm gear, and the deviation should meet the regulations.The bearing and the shaft shoulder, the bearing and the gland are suitable for assembly. After pressing, the rotation should be flexible.The assembled worm drive mechanism also needs to check its transmission flexibility. At any position of the worm, the required rotational torque should be basically the same.

  1. Remove the worm gear reducer, remove the belt cover, V-belt, pulley, remove the coupling, bolts, and hang down the motor.Remove the bolts on both ends of the worm cover and the split surface of the reducer, lift the upper cover of the casing and place it on the rubber plate to prevent damage to the middle split surface, clean the top cover, and check whether there is oil leakage at the fastening bolts.

  Remove the lubricating system, remove the worm gear lock nut, remove the worm gear with special tools, and check the meshing condition of the worm gear and the worm, including the contact area, position, wear, etc.Remove the oil seal, clean the chassis, and check and handle the middle split surface.

  2. Check the worm gear and worm gear for serious wear, pitting, and gluing (adhesion and tear), replace or use the method of correcting the worm gear to repair the worm gear and reconfigure the worm.

  Worm gears and worm tooth surfaces are slightly glued, pitted, and individual tooth surfaces are defective, which can be repaired by milling, scraping and grinding after repair welding.

  3. The wear of the shaft journal can be repaired by spraying, brushing and electroplating after grinding.The keyway on the shaft is damaged, and the keyway can be re-machined at a phase of 120° from the original keyway.

  4. Before assembly of the reducer, clean and deburr the parts, and check the size, geometry, accuracy, surface roughness, etc. according to the requirements of the drawing.