Parameter function and transmission form of screw elevator

The screw lift is a common type of transmission machinery we use. In order to apply the screw lift well, we should fully understand this product and use suitable models in different industries. Only in this way can we play the role of the lift and also thereby prolonging its use time.

different industries forSpiral screw liftThe focus of the application will be different, we should pay special attention.Such as lifting platform for heavy pressure fastening device, turning device and plastic processing machine in machining; climbing ladder and tool lifting frame for installation and maintenance, lifting platform for locomotive maintenance; adjustment of rolling mill raceway clearance, adjustment of pipe or plate feeding position; Casting starter or concrete molding, etc.Spiral screw liftIt is a kind of transmission machinery that benefits from this. Let's take a look at the functions and parameters of the screw elevator:

1. The speed of linear motion unit can reach 16 inches/second; (4.88 meters/second)

2、行程范围:2-22 英尺 (0.61-67,66米)
3. The above helical screw elevator motion unit ball screw or belt drive, linear bearing with prismatic slide rail or ball slide rail;
4. Linear motion unit to provide stepper motor, servo motor, AC motor or DC motor and complete sets of control equipment;
5、元负载范围:80-12,500磅; (356-55,625N)

6. Designed for packaging, assembly and material handling applications.

Two rotation forms of screw elevator
The screw lift mainly realizes the up and down movement of the screw by driving the worm to rotate to achieve the effect of push-pull or jacking. The rotation form of the screw lift mainly has the following two forms:
Form XNUMX: The screw rotates and the nut moves. This transmission form needs to limit the rotation of the nut, so a guide device is required.It is characterized by compact structure and good lead screw rigidity.It is suitable for occasions with large working stroke.

Form XNUMX: The nut is fixed, and the lead screw rotates and moves. This transmission form is mainly supported by the nut itself, which eliminates the additional axial upward movement that may be caused by the lead screw bearing. Transmission accuracy.But its axial dimension should not be too long, otherwise the rigidity will be poor.Therefore, it is only suitable for occasions with small strokes.