The development status of RV reducer in China

OnRV reducerOn the one hand, my country began to study planetary gear transmissions in the XNUMXs and imported them from abroad in the XNUMXs. Although some achievements have been made in theory and imitation, compared with similar new products in Japan, the pendulum we developed There are quite a lot of deficiencies in the needle wheel reducer from the overall performance, service life, transmission accuracy, bearing capacity to the further development and upgrading of new products.

RV reducerThere are many industries that it is applied to, and in terms of materials, the technology of the reducer is slowly increasing, and with the development of the industry now, the RV reducer is perfect on the equipment. It is getting better and better, and the range of these RV reducers is also relatively good, and the effect is relatively large, and the reducer is used more in some motorized industries, and the role is relatively large, and the quality of materials in all aspects is also very important, It is precisely because these RV reducers are widely used that manufacturers care about whether customers are satisfied with their use, and customer feedback is very important. It is really good for customers to use them well.

First of all, the current RV reducer has very high precision requirements, and it is no exaggeration to say that in many aspects, it basically needs to reach 1/7 of a hair. Therefore, the production technology is difficult, so many times the requirements for production equipment are very high. high.Many times now it is also due to the current domestic production equipment, so there is no way to meet the precision requirements of the reducer. Therefore, many reducer equipment now needs to be imported from abroad, because if the equipment is better, it will be comprehensive in all aspects. The capacity can also be improved more, and the nine-axis five-linkage gear grinding machine including the production of reducer gears is the first imported equipment in the same industry in China.