Basic requirements for screw lifts when working

1. The limited input speed is kept at 1800rpm, and when the stroke is greater than 300mm, you can check itSpiral screw liftThe stability.
2. The input power of the screw elevator under normal working conditions cannot exceed the upper limit of the input power.
3. When the actual load is more than 25% of the full load, the torque needs to be input at this time. The calculation of the torque is equal to the load rate multiplied by the full load torque.The temperature of the working environment affects the input power greatly.
4. The models with large reduction ratio of ordinary toothed screw elevators have self-locking function, and those with small reduction ratio are indeterminate self-locking. Brakes must be equipped in use occasions and vibration occasions.

5. The screw lift avoids bearing lateral force. It is possible to consider guide rails, guide devices, etc. to offset the lateral force or use self-aligning nut screw lift.