Although the reducer equipment is small, the correct installation is the guarantee

Cycloidal pinwheel reducer is based on the principle of planetary transmission. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer can be widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, chemical industry, cement, transportation, textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, Power generation and other industries, as a driving or deceleration device.Its unique stable structure can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducers and worm gear reducers in many cases. Therefore, planetary cycloidal pinwheel reducers are widely used in various industries and fields, and are generally welcomed by the majority of users.It also plays a very important role in the production process. Although the cycloid reducer looks inconspicuous, it plays such an important role. It must be installed in the correct way to be able to ensure its smooth use.

device installation

1. When installing couplings, belt pulleys, sprocket and other coupling parts on the output shaft of the cycloid reducer, direct hammering is not allowed, because the output shaft structure of the reducer cannot withstand the axial hammering force. You can use the shaft end screw hole to screw in the screw to press into the coupling.

2. The shaft diameters of the output shaft and the input shaft are matched with GB1568-79.

3. The eyebolts on the reducer can only be used for lifting the reducer.

4. When installing the reducer on the foundation, the elevation of the installation center line of the reducer, the levelness and the related dimensions of the connected parts should be calibrated.

Any equipment has its own installation standards and methods. If you only install it according to your personal imagination or habits, it will not only have a bad impact on the equipment, but also may pose a threat to personal safety. Therefore, whether you are choosing equipment Be careful when installing or installing equipment. Even small equipment cannot be ignored. Reading the installation instructions carefully will save yourself a lot of trouble.