How to deal with the noise of planetary reducer

The noise of the planetary reducer is mainly due to friction, vibration and collision of the transmission gear. How to effectively reduce and reduce the noise makes the mixer more in line with the current environmental protection requirements of key research topics at home and abroad.Modify the minimization of the method used to make dynamic loads and speed fluctuations, thereby reducing noise.This is proved to be more effective in practice.

The correct installation is an important part of the use and maintenance of the planetary reducer, which is to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical equipment, the installed speed and the installed speed ratio within the range, and the design method to reduce or avoid the impact of the gear meshing pitch circle, It can also reduce the noise of the planetary reducer significantly.

Install the working relationship, the main shaft of the planetary reducer to avoid deformation and generate extra force in the planetary gear bearing, the planetary reduction distance between the machine and the work, the cutting machine should be as small as possible without affecting the normal working conditions, which is 5 - 10 mm.

The package of planetary gear units coupled to the planetary reducer works directly on the main shaft of the work machine, when the anti-torque planetary gear body is on the ground, and the anti-torque planetary gear carrier is installed in the chassis or on the body. The role of planetary reduction operation is balanced. other methods.The bag maker is directly matched, while the other end is coupled with a mounting bracket.

Anti-torque bracket installation, the anti-torque bracket should be installed towards the work machine to reduce the extra work machine shaft moment, the side of the planetary gear, the anti-torque bracket is solidly coupled to the fixed end bearing with a rubber or other elastomer sleeve to prevent bending and absorb the resulting torque ripple.