Three types of CVT screw drive

  The screw drive of the continuously variable transmission can be divided into three types: drive screw, conduction screw and adjusting screw according to its application and force.

  The force transmission screw is mainly used to transmit power.It requires large axial force to generate large axial force and self-locking ability, such as screw jacks and screw presses.Conductive spirals are primarily used to transmit motion, which requires high precision, such as advances in metal cutting machine tools.The screw is mainly used to adjust and fix the mutual position between the components of the continuously variable transmission, such as the rolling screw of the rolling mill roll.

  These screw drives typically use trapezoidal threads.Serrated threads can also be used for unidirectional force transmission.Rectangular threads can be used for less critical applications.The main features of CVT are simple structure, convenient processing, low cost, stable transmission, easy to achieve self-locking, but large frictional resistance, fast wear, low transmission efficiency, generally 0.3-0.7, less than 0.5-lock.