Analysis of the Reasons for the Time Difference at Start of the Cylindrical Gear Reducer

When the cylindrical gear reducer fails, the first thing that may come to mind is to find a professional maintenance person to disassemble the machine for repair.In fact, when the machine fails, we can first do a self-examination.Listening to the sound can determine the cause of abnormal vibration and noise failure when the cylindrical gear reducer is started. Let's listen to what the old driver of the geared motor manufacturer has to say.

Listening to the sound is mainly to listen to whether there is any noise in the bearing. We can buy a listening rod in the market, and the other end of the rod is equipped with a resonator device, or use a single metal rod to listen to the sound.

Listen to the bearing noise of the cylindrical gear motor

Normal sound - no continuous metal sound that jumps up and down.

Retainer Sound - A light "stimulus" sound produced by the rollers or balls while the retainer rotates, containing irregular metallic sounds independent of rotational speed.If this sound becomes smaller or disappears after adding lubricating oil, it will not affect the operation.

Crack sound - the sound of cracks appearing on the raceway surface of the bearing, the surface of the ball and the roller, and its period is proportional to the rotational speed.When cracks occur in bearings, they must be replaced quickly before they develop to overheating and sintering.