Fracture Failure Analysis of High Speed ​​Gear Shaft of Reducer

The reducer has a wide range of applications in industrial production, but the high-speed gear shaft of the reducer often breaks during use, and even brings certain safety hazards.In order to solve the problem of the shaft breakage of the high-speed gear shaft of the reducer, the factors causing the breakage of the high-speed gear shaft of the reducer are firstly analyzed from four aspects: material problem, inclusions in the shaft, assembly process and inadequate management. The specific solutions are discussed in three aspects: product, further improving the installation process of the reducer, and strengthening daily management and maintenance.

The reducer is a kind of equipment that is relatively common in industrial production. It is widely used in coal engineering, mechanical engineering and other fields. The application of the reducer in production has effectively improved production, but the high-speed gear of the reducer is used in the application. Shaft fractures often occur, preventing efficient production.In order to avoid the breakage of the high-speed gear shaft of the reducer, the following analysis is carried out.

During the operation of the reducer, the high-speed gear shaft needs to receive a large torque. Under the action of the torque, the shaft will appear elastic and plastic at the same time, two different deformation methods. If the shaft is only in the elastic deformation stage, the shaft will be unloaded after unloading. will automatically return to the original state.However, most of the reducers at this stage have considered the plastic deformation performance in the design process, which requires the reducer in the actual application process, if the load exceeds the elastic deformation range, fatigue failure will inevitably occur.The material factor is an important factor affecting the fatigue strength of the shaft.