How to adjust the precision of the reducer

According to the requirements of the accuracy of the reducer, the smoothness of the transmission and the uniformity of the load distribution, its accuracy can be divided into multiple levels. When the use environment is different, we need to take the following methods to adjust its accuracy. Get up and take a look!

1. Adjusting the gap method: The reducer will generate friction during the movement process, which will cause changes in the size, shape and surface quality of the related parts, resulting in wear and increase of the matching gap between the related parts. At this time, we need to adjust the It is adjusted so that it is within a reasonable range to ensure the accuracy of the relative movement between parts.

2. Error compensation method: The error of the part itself is properly assembled to produce a certain degree of mutual cancellation to ensure the accuracy of the equipment movement trajectory.

3. The comprehensive compensation method uses the tool installed on the reducer itself to process the work surface that has been adjusted and adjusted correctly, so as to eliminate the comprehensive result of various precision errors.

In actual production, if the use environment changes, we can take the above measures to adjust the precision of the hardened gear reducer so that it can meet the needs of industrial production.