The meaning of the nameplate of the reducer

Many users will ask for some machinery when purchasing a reducer.You know what these buyers are asking to do this?What do these mean?In order to help you answer this question, the reducer manufacturer has introduced its meaning to us in detail.

The reducer is mainly marked with information such as the model, serial number, reduction ratio, working life, return clearance, full load efficiency and rated torque of the machine.

1. Reduction ratio: the ratio of the input torque to the output torque of the reducer.

2. Working life: the cumulative working time of the machine at the rated input speed under the rated load.

3. Return clearance: fix the input end so that the output end rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. When the output end bears plus or minus 2% of the rated torque, the output end of the reducer has a slight angular displacement, and this angular displacement is the return travel. gap.

4. Full load efficiency: In the case of large load (failure to stop the output torque), the transmission efficiency of the machine.

5. Rated torque: It is the torque for long-term operation allowed by the rated life.