Reducer installation point

  Reducer installation point:

  1. The reducer is connected to the working machine: the reducer is directly set on the main shaft of the working machine. When the reducer is running, the counter torque acts on the reduction mechanism, and the anti-torque bracket is installed on the reduction mechanism or other methods to balance.The machine is directly matched, and the other end is connected to the fixing bracket.

  2. Installation of anti-torque bracket: The anti-torque bracket should be installed on the side of the working machine facing the reducer to reduce the bending moment on the working machine shaft.The anti-torque bracket and the bushing that holds the bearing connection end use an elastomer such as rubber to prevent deflection and absorb the resulting torque fluctuations.

  3. The installation relationship between the reducer and the working machine: In order to avoid the deflection of the main shaft of the working machine and the additional force on the bearing of the reducer, the distance between the reducer and the working machine should be as small as possible without affecting the normal working conditions.Its value is 5-10mm.