The difference between the design and selection method of general reducer and special reducer

The big difference between the design and selection methods of general reducer and special reducer is that the former is suitable for various industries, but the reducer can only be designed according to a specific working condition, so users need to consider different corrections according to their own requirements. Factor, the factory should be based on the actual selected motor power (not the rated power of the reducer); the latter is designed according to the user's special conditions, the factor to be considered has generally been considered in the design, as long as the use power is less than or equal to the reducer. The rated power is enough, and the method is relatively simple.

The rated power of the general reducer is generally based on the use (working condition) coefficient KA=1 (the motor or steam turbine is the prime mover, the working machine has a stable load, works 3~10h a day, and the number of starts per hour is ≤5 times. The allowable starting torque is 2 times of the working torque), the contact strength coefficient SH≈1, the failure probability of a single pair of gears is ≈1%, and other conditions are calculated and determined.