The function of the reducer to increase the output torque

Ordinary reducers include helical gear reducers (including parallel shaft helical gear reducers, worm gear reducers, bevel gear reducers, etc.), planetary gear reducers, cycloidal pinwheel reducers, worm gear reducers, planetary friction reducers Reducer, CVT, etc.

Rare type of reducer

1. The secondary feature of the worm gear reducer is that it has a reverse self-locking function, which can have a larger acceleration ratio. The output shaft and the input shaft are not on the same axis, nor on the same three-dimensional.But the general volume is large, the transmission efficiency is not high, and the precision is not high.

2. The harmonic drive of the harmonic reducer uses the controllable elastic deformation of the flexible element to transmit motion and power. It is not large in size and has high precision, but the defect is that the flexible wheel has an infinite life and is not resistant to impact, rigidity and metal parts. poor comparison.The output speed should not be too high.

3. The advantages of planetary reducer are that the structure is relatively compact, the return clearance is small, the precision is high, the service life is very long, and the extra input torque can be made large, but the price is slightly expensive.

The role of the reducer

1. Increase the input torque while reducing the speed. The torque input ratio is multiplied by the stepper motor input multiplied by the acceleration ratio, but be careful not to exceed the additional torque of the reducer.

2. Deceleration reduces the inertia of the load at the same time. The increase of inertia is the square of the acceleration ratio. You can see that ordinary motors have an inertia value.