What do you know about worm gear reducers?

Worm gear reducer is a kind of transmission machinery with compact structure, large transmission ratio, and self-locking function under certain conditions. It is one of the commonly used reducers.But do you know other knowledge about worm gear reducer?When the new reducer is used, the oil needs to be changed after 300 hours of continuous operation, and the oil needs to be changed every 2500 hours thereafter. However, the quality of the oil should be checked regularly during use. If the oil has impurities, aging, or deterioration , must be replaced at any time.

The reducer should use gear oil of a fixed brand and number, and should not mix oils of different brands, numbers or types.During the oil change, the inside of the reducer should be cleaned first, and then new oil should be injected.During use, when it is found that the oil temperature is too high (over 80 ℃), and there are abnormal noises, etc., stop using it immediately and check the cause.You can continue to use it after troubleshooting or changing the lubricating oil.If it is extremely cold, such as below -10°C, the influence of the ambient temperature on the reducer should be considered when selecting models, and configurations such as electric heaters can be considered. This is very important for the lubrication and maintenance of the worm gear reducer. Regularly observe the oil level trend , Observe whether there is any abnormality in noise and vibration.Correct maintenance and use of the worm gear reducer can maximize its function.Do not gravitationally hammer the reducer housing to avoid damage.Regularly check whether the installation foundation, seals, transmission shaft, etc. are normal.In normal use, the high temperature of the lubricating oil should be less than 85℃.When the oil temperature rises abnormally, abnormal noise occurs, etc., it must be stopped immediately for inspection, and the fault can be removed before continuing to use.New spare parts must be run-in and load-tested before being officially used.