What aspects should be paid attention to in the selection of screw elevators?

When selecting the screw lift, we must pay attention to the adjustment of the screw shaft speed and the accepted load, and check the allowable large load, allowable external load, and allowable screw shaft rotation speed of the screw lift, such as exceeding the product. The data will cause serious damage to the entire lifting equipment.No matter static load, dynamic load or impact load, the worm gear screw lift cannot exceed its allowable large load. It is necessary to choose a lift with sufficient capacity according to the coefficient, operating stroke, and stability of the correction screw.When the elevator is operating, the surface temperature of the deceleration part should be controlled within the range of -15°C to 80°C, and the surface temperature of the movable nut should also be within this range.The load of the lead screw lift should be considered.The selection of the lift is that the static load, dynamic load and impact load cannot exceed the allowable large load, and the lift with sufficient capacity should be selected according to the coefficient, the use stroke, and the stability of the proofing screw.Determine the speed ratio of the elevator.The speed ratio of the screw elevator is generally divided into ordinary and slow, which needs to be calculated and determined according to the actual use situation.Determine the connection method of the screw lifter and the motor.The connection methods include flange direct connection and double shaft type.The head types of screw lifts are cylindrical, flanged, threaded and flat head.