What are the characteristics of the screw lifter?

As a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of screw lift products, Yongtengxiang Transmission Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and strong technical force. In order to help you understand our products, our professionals will explain to you next. Let's go, I hope it helps you.When the temperature of the screw lifter rises, the thermal stress effect will elongate the screw and make the length of the screw unstable.Its elongation can be calculated by the M40 formula, and the elongation can be compensated by pre-tension; and the target value of pre-tension compensation is negative T value.Excessive pre-tension will burn the support bearing, so it is recommended to use a pre-tension value of less than 5 °C, but if the screw diameter exceeds 50mm, it is not suitable for pre-tension; large screw diameter requires a large pre-tension, thus causing the support bearing. If it is overheated and burned out, it is recommended to use a temperature rise of about 3°C ​​as the benchmark for the compensation value T.The lead screw lift has a trapezoidal worm wheel screw lift and a ball worm wheel screw lift. The trapezoidal worm wheel screw lift has a self-locking function and is reliable in use. The ball screw lift has high precision and is suitable for high-precision equipment installation and use.