Installation of worm gear reducer

Before installation, confirm whether the motor and the worm gear reducer are in good condition, and strictly check whether the dimensions of the parts connecting the motor and the worm gear reducer match. Here are the dimensions and matching tolerances of the positioning boss of the motor, the input shaft and the groove of the worm gear reducer .
The first step is to unscrew the screw on the dustproof hole on the outer side of the flange of the worm gear reducer, adjust the clamping ring of the PCS system so that the side hole is aligned with the dustproof hole, and insert the inner hexagon to tighten.After that, remove the motor shaft key.
Then connect the motor with the worm gear reducer naturally.When connecting, it must be ensured that the concentricity of the output shaft of the reducer and the input shaft of the motor are consistent, and the outer flanges of the two are parallel.Inconsistency in concentricity will result in breakage of the motor shaft or wear of the gears of the worm gear reducer.