What are the reasons for the weak lifting force of the screw elevator?

Screw lift is a common lifting component, screw lift, compared with other worm lifts, this screw lift has more compact structure, convenient installation, small size, various input forms, high reliability, long life, etc. There are many advantages, electric screw lifts, but sometimes screw lifts have weak lift, what are the reasons?

Reason XNUMX: Because the pressure adjustment of the relief valve of the screw lift does not meet the relevant requirements, the problem can be avoided when the pressure is adjusted to the required value of the equipment.

Reason XNUMX: It is directly caused by the leakage of the oil cylinder. If you want to avoid this situation, you need to check or replace the oil cylinder components of the screw elevator.Reason XNUMX: Due to the clamping or internal leakage of the reversing valve of the equipment, it is necessary to check or replace the valve components of the equipment.