How to use the worm gear lifter?

1. The high-speed shaft of the worm gear screw elevator can work in both forward and reverse directions, and its speed should not exceed 1500 rpm.
3. The axis of the high-speed shaft and the low-speed shaft of the worm gear screw lift must be concentric with the axis of the connecting part, and the error should not be greater than the allowable value of the coupling used.
4. Before the installed lift is officially used, it is necessary to carry out a load test.The load test run is carried out with no load first, and the load is started when there is no fault.Divided into the following four stages:
The stage load is 25% of the extra load.
The stage load is 50% of the extra load.
The third stage load is 75% of the additional load.
The fourth stage load is 100% of the additional load.
The oil temperature during each stage of operation shall not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. When it exceeds, it should be stopped immediately to check and determine the cause.