The working principle of the screw elevator at high speed

1. Compared with other products, the ball screw lift is designed because there are many balls rolling between the screw shaft and the nut with a driving torque of 1/3 ball screw, so it can get higher movement power.Compared with the previous sliding screw pair, the driving torque is less than 1/3, that is, the power required to achieve the same motion effect is 1/3 of the rolling screw pair.Very helpful in saving power.

2. The ball screw with no backlash and high rigidity can be preloaded, because the preload can make the axial gap reach a negative value, thereby obtaining higher rigidity.By applying pre-pressure to the balls in the ball screw, the rigidity of the nut portion can be enhanced due to the repulsive force of the balls when it is practically used in machinery and equipment.

3. High-speed feeding is possible. The ball screw can complete high-speed feeding (movement) because of its high movement power and low heat generation.