The SWL worm gear screw lift has a long screw shaft extension that can be achieved

The SWL worm gear screw lift has been introduced to you many times before, so I will not repeat the introduction here, as long as you know that the SWL worm wheel screw lift is a universal lifting component with particularly stable performance.What I will introduce to you is how much the extension length of the screw shaft of the SWL worm gear screw elevator can be made.Because the needs of many customers are different, the length of the screw is required to be different, but no matter what, there must be a standard. If it exceeds the standard, it is easy to cause problems. Therefore, when selecting models, try to choose within the standard.
SWL2.5 worm gear screw lifter with a large shaft extension of 1500mm
SWL 5 is 2000mm
SWL10/15 is 2500mm
SWL20 is 3000mm
SWL25 is 3500mm
SWL35 is 4000mm
SWL50 is 5500mm
SWL100 is 6500mm
SWL 120 is 7000mm