Reasons for the reduction of the life of the continuously variable transmission

  The maximum life reduction of a continuously variable transmission unit depends on the relative movement.Wear between two surfaces.Wear is the process by which surface damage produces wear debris with secondary effects.When two surfaces are in frictional contact, one or more of the following effects occur on the surface layer.

  (1) The abrasive particle spray gun for micro-cut debris removes metal fine particles or causes deformation under plastic flow.

  (2) Plastic deformation and elastic-plastic deformation, which occur in specific regions of the surface due to high partial pressure.When a surface comes into contact with a person, it contacts at the microscopic roughness unevenness.

  (3) The surface fatigue of continuously variable transmission equipment is due to the lack of repeated elastic deformation of the surface due to the influence of wave force.

  (4) Local heating, when there is high pressure and high speed, the temperature of the local temperature or surface melting (welding) can be increased as a result of insufficient heat conduction due to friction.