Inspection of Transmission System of Cycloid Reducer

According to the working principle of the cycloid reducer, the performance test system of the reducer is studied.For the transmission system with internal connection, especially the precision transmission system, the core problem of its dynamic testing research is the dynamic precision detection of the transmission chain.From the point of view of signal analysis, it is to obtain characteristic information of time domain error.From a dynamic system point of view, it is the dynamic response of the test system.With the support of data processing, signal analysis and computer technology, the transmission system uses the dynamic error detection device to measure the time domain error information as the starting point. The connotation of the dynamic test of the transmission system should include the following aspects.
  (XNUMX) Dynamic accuracy detection of transmission chain
  The excitation of the transmission system includes the periodic excitation caused by the machining and assembly errors of the cycloidal gear, pin wheel, gear, worm gear, worm, screw, shafting, etc. of the transmission parts in the chain, and the torsional vibration of the transmission parts of the transmission chain in operation And shock excitation, as well as random excitation caused by grid fluctuations and transient instability of transmission components.
  (XNUMX) Time domain analysis and processing of errors
  Using data processing technology, time-domain statistical processing is performed on the error samples. By obtaining the characteristic values ​​of the transmission system in the time domain, the accuracy of the system can be evaluated.Furthermore, the correlation analysis of the system time domain error can determine the nature of the error.
  (XNUMX) Frequency domain analysis of error
  Using the spectrum analysis technology in signal analysis, the time domain error of the cycloid pinwheel reducer system is transformed into the frequency domain for spectrum analysis, and then the spectrum obtained by the analysis and the transmission parts of the transmission chain are carried out under certain working conditions. By comparison and analysis, the fault location in the chain and the contribution of each transmission component error to the entire chain error can be accurately found, so as to realize the fault diagnosis of the transmission system.