Mechanical Analysis of Planetary Cycloid Reducer

In the process of meshing transmission between the pin wheel and the cycloidal wheel, there is multi-tooth meshing. Due to the multi-tooth meshing, the load distribution between the cycloidal wheel and the pin wheel and between the pin and pin hole in the output mechanism is very complicated. It is affected by manufacturing errors, meshing clearance and the deformation of the cycloid wheel body weakened by the pin hole. Therefore, when studying the force of the planetary cycloid reducer, it is often necessary to ignore some minor problems, and To analyze those main parameters and problems.Therefore, in the force analysis, it is assumed that the assembly clearance of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer is zero, and the deformation of the cycloidal wheel, the pinwheel housing and the rotating arm is ignored.
  In addition, because the cycloidal gear is used as a planetary transmission, this transmission has both revolution and rotation, which brings great difficulties to the force analysis. Therefore, for the force analysis, a method similar to the calculation of the transmission ratio is adopted. It is fixed, and the cycloidal wheel and the pin wheel rotate around the fixed axis of the fixed axis, so that neither the relative motion of each component nor the force relationship of each component is changed.Before the force analysis, let's consider first, which forces are mainly affected in the transmission process of the planetary cycloid reducer. From the meshing principle of the reducer introduced in the previous section, it can be seen that the cycloid planetary transmission is mainly There are three kinds of force conditions, one is the force between the pin sleeve and the pin hole, this force is to ensure that the input torque and speed can be transmitted to the output shaft and transmitted.The first is the meshing force between the pin wheel and the cycloid wheel. This force makes the cycloid wheel both revolve and rotate, and it is also a very critical force. The latter is the force that the arm bearing acts on the cycloid wheel. The impact on the bearing is very large.
  The above analysis is the meshing force between the pin and the pin hole. Next, analyze the meshing force between the pinion and the cycloidal gear, which is another very important force of the planetary cycloidal pinwheel reducer. This The force and the contact force of the pin and pin hole mentioned above together constitute the transmission power of the cycloid reducer.Generally speaking, the analysis of the meshing force between the cycloidal wheel and the pin teeth is more complicated, so people try to simplify the force analysis between the cycloid wheel and the pin teeth, and this new analysis method greatly simplifies Analysis of the force between the cycloidal wheel and the pin teeth.