The influence of the quality problem of the eccentric sleeve on the cycloid reducer

How will the quality of the eccentric sleeve affect the cycloid reducer?The eccentric sleeve is also an important part of the cycloid reducer. If the eccentric sleeve has some quality problems, it will inevitably have a bad impact on the cycloid reducer.So, what kind of trouble will the eccentric sleeve bring to the cycloid reducer?
If you are a person who has come into contact with a cycloid reducer for the first time, you may not know much about it.Simply put, during the meshing process of the gears of the reducer, the damage frequency of the low-quality eccentric sleeve far exceeds that of the eccentric sleeve with good quality, which easily affects the use of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer.
The eccentric sleeve of the cycloid reducer has two functions in it: one is to install the roller bearing, and the other is to produce the mechanical effect.For example, a planetary cycloidal reducer is equipped with a double eccentric sleeve that is misaligned by 180 degrees on the input shaft, and two roller bearings are installed on the eccentric sleeve to form an H mechanism. The center hole of the two cycloidal wheels is the upper arm of the confidence sleeve. The raceway of the bearing, and the cycloidal wheel meshes with a group of pin-tooth pins arranged in a ring on the pin-tooth shell to form a small-tooth difference internal meshing deceleration mechanism.
In order to reduce friction, in the reducer with a small speed ratio, a pin tooth sleeve is provided on the pin tooth pin.When the input shaft rotates with the eccentric sleeve for one week, the movement of the cycloid wheel becomes a plane movement with both revolution and rotation due to the characteristics of the tooth gallery curve on the cycloid wheel and the limitation of the pin tooth pin on the pin tooth shell. , when the input shaft rotates for one round, the eccentric sleeve also rotates one round, the cycloid wheel rotates in the opposite direction through a tooth difference to obtain deceleration, and then with the help of the W output mechanism, the low-speed self-rotation of the cycloid wheel is transmitted through the pin shaft and transmitted to the output shaft to obtain a lower output speed.From this, we can understand the role of the eccentric sleeve, and at the same time, the major influence and fatal effect of the reducer is to reduce the service life of the reducer.