The technical method for the on-line installation of the reducer in the mechanical seal of the agitator of the absorption tower

Before installing the mechanical seal, check whether there is a special tool box for disassembling the mechanical seal. Preparation before assembly: first cut off the power supply, install the male plate of the mechanical seal on the equipment into the groove of the moving ring seat sleeve, loosen the tight The set screw on the retaining sleeve loosens the retaining sleeve and the shaft.
Replace the mechanical seal
①Remove the V-belt cover, loosen and remove the V-belt, and remove the pulley on the motor;
②Put the motor andReducerUnscrew the connecting screw, remove the motor, and land;
③ Unscrew the screw connecting the device bracket with the reducer, and use the jacking wire on the bracket to jack up the motor until the pulley of the reducer does not move;
④ Remove the screws on the bearing housing of the mechanical seal and pull the mechanical seal out of the shaft;
⑤ Install the special tool for dismantling the mechanical seal in the place where the mechanical seal is placed, lock the special tool and the shaft tightly with screws (there should be no relative movement between the shaft and the special tool), and place the four screws on the special tool on the table, Then tighten the top wire on the special tool;
⑥ Loosen and remove the coupling between the shaft and the reducer, put the reducer on the ground, and take down the mechanical seal on the shaft;
⑦ Install the new mechanical seal on the shaft, install the reducer in the original position (do not install the screws first), install the coupling, tighten the top wire of the top reducer, and remove the special tool. Put the new mechanical seal in place;
⑧ Loosen the top wire of the top reducer and fix the reducer with screws;
⑨ Hold the fastening sleeve of the mechanical seal firmly to the shaft with screws, and then remove the limit plate;
⑩ Install the motor, install the belt, and complete the replacement of the mechanical seal.
After the installation is completed, the test car should be sure to slide quickly, freely, and without noise.