Precautions for the installation of the cycloid wheel of the planetary cycloid reducer

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The installation of the cycloid wheel of the planetary cycloid reducer is very critical.First, check whether the two cycloids are a pair. The manufacture of cycloids is based on pairs.That is to say, the two pieces of the cycloid wheel are not separated during the production process. When the planetary cycloid reducer is installed, the concept of a pair is that the two pieces of cycloid wheel can be completely overlapped.Including the expansion of the bearing hole, the shaft pin hole of the ten holes and the external tooth type are completely coincident at the same time.From the front, it is a piece, if it can overlap.The proof is a pair and cannot be overlapped. The proof is not a pair and cannot be used. Note that the cycloid wheel is in reverse order. There are marks on the cycloid wheel. The marks on the first pair of cycloid wheels are also different. The position of the mark is different, the mark position is generally the coincidence mark, the mark position coincides, but there are also installation position marks, no matter where the mark is, it is only an auxiliary means to help check whether it is a pair of wheels.