Professional analysis on bearing installation problems of cycloid reducer

AboutCycloid reducerHow much do you know about the related applications of the product?As a professional manufacturer of cycloid reducer, our professionals will briefly analyze the bearing installation problem of cycloid reducer for you.

The axial force and radial force on the output shaft of the cycloidal pinwheel reducer are limited because the bearings equipped with the output shaft of the reducer are installed in accordance with the routine.When there is a large external force, the bearing should be redesigned according to the provided axial force and radial force.

  On the other hand, the steel rope driving wheel of the overhead passenger vehicle has a large torque. If it is directly connected with the cycloidal pinwheel reducer through the coupling, the external force is far greater than the radial force and the limit of the standard design and the reducer with reinforced bearings. axial force.

  The cost of the specially designed cycloid reducer will increase significantly.In actual production and use, when the equipment manufacturer connects the drive wheel with the reducer, an additional set of bearing seats are added to bear the radial force of the steel rope drive wheel to eliminate the influence of external force on the reducer.