Introduction to the structure and working principle of cycloid reducer

Cycloid reducerEveryone must have a certain understanding. As a professional manufacturer of cycloid reducer, in order to serve you better, the following will introduce the structure and working principle of the cycloid reducer.
1. Highly modular design: it can be easily equipped with various types of motors or other power inputs.The same model can be equipped with motors of various powers.It is easy to realize the combined connection between various models.
2. Transmission ratio: The combined model can produce a large transmission ratio, that is, output a lower speed.
3. Installation method: The orientation of the installation is not restricted.
4. The cycloid reducer has high strength and small volume: the box body is made of high-strength cast iron.The gears and gear shafts use the gas carburizing quenching and fine grinding process, so the unit volume bearing capacity is high.
5. Long service life: Under the conditions of correct selection and normal use and maintenance, the life of the important parts of the cycloid reducer is generally not less than 20000 hours.
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