Analyze the importance of the use of helical gears

The helical gear reducer is a novel reduction transmission device.Adopting the more optimized and advanced design concept of modular combination system, it has the properties of small size, light weight, large transmission torque, stable starting, and finely graded transmission ratio. It can be connected arbitrarily and various installation positions can be selected according to user requirements.

The gear reducer is a combination of a geared motor and a large reducer.No couplings and adapters are required, and the structure is compact.The load is distributed on the planetary gear, so the carrying capacity is higher than that of the general helical gear reducer.Next, I will introduce why helical gears are used in the manufacture of gear reducers:

1. The helical gear can be regarded as a cylindrical gear made of a group of thin-sliced ​​gears that are misaligned, so that the contact of each piece of the gear reducer is at different parts of the tooth profile, thus compensating for the error of each thin-piece gear. Compensation is very effective due to the elasticity of the gear teeth, which leads to the result that gear teeth with an error within 10mm can average the error, so under load conditions, it can be as smooth as a gear tooth within 1mm error run.

2. At any instant of the gear reducer, about half the time, assuming a coincidence of about 1.5, there will be two teeth meshing, which brings additional benefits in terms of strength, so the stress can be established at 1.5 times the tooth width, instead of on the basis of a tooth width.

3. It is difficult and uneconomical to manufacture and assemble a large number of thin spur gears, so it is manufactured into a gear with the gear teeth in the direction of the helical line.Helical gears are not like spur gears, which can cause undesirable axial forces.But the benefits in terms of vibration and strength far outweigh the disadvantages caused by axial thrust and slightly increased manufacturing costs.Therefore, helical gears are used instead of spur gears in manufacturing.