What factors are related to the efficiency of planetary cycloid reducer?

Planetary cycloid reducerMechanical efficiency is the percentage of output power to input power. Of course, we hope that the higher the mechanical efficiency, the better, but it will also reduce the mechanical efficiency after a long time. What aspects can we use to improve the mechanical efficiency?

  Theoretically speaking, if the planetary cycloid reducer is a rigid body, there is no loss of efficiency in its transmission, but in a practical sense, the material for making the planetary cycloid reducer cannot be a rigid body, and elastic deformation is inevitable. When deformed, energy is consumed;

  Moreover, the elastic deformation makes the meshing of the planetary cycloidal reducer no longer theoretically pure rolling, and there will be sliding friction.

  Furthermore, the actual manufacturing accuracy cannot reach the theoretical accuracy, which also makes the actual meshing different from the theory, and is no longer pure rolling.

  In addition, the non-rigid tooth surface of the actual planetary cycloidal reducer is theoretically smooth and flat, which will also affect the actual meshing of the planetary cycloidal reducer.

  Therefore, the above reasons are the reasons for the reduction of the mechanical efficiency of the planetary cycloid reducer.