The Necessity of Using Computer Aid in Gear Transmission Design

Introducing auxiliary design in gear transmission design. The weakness of manual design of gear transmission shows the necessity of introducing CAD in the design, and it is also the best entry point for introducing auxiliary design.For the gear line diagram, this reform introduces the teaching content of the aided design line drawing program: fitting method and procedure of logarithmic coordinate; division parabola fitting method and procedure; Lagrangian fitting method and procedure; least squares Fitting methods and their programming.

It can accurately fit the line diagram of the gear transmission, and can also accomplish similar content of traditional design.The programmatic teaching contents of the aided design of various gear transmission digital workbenches are introduced: pure workbench input and retrieval; function number table input and retrieval.To overcome the tedious and tedious calculations of manual calculations of gearing, gear calculation procedures and searching of line graphs and numerical tables represented by Fortron language or languages ​​are taught in Gear Design.This computerized process introduces human-machine dialogue skills.To enable students to use computer to complete the gear transmission design in a short time, and learn the skills of auxiliary design.