Which industries are helical gear reducers used in?

forReducerEveryone must know it, but there is a helical gear reducer in the reducer. The biggest monkeys of the reducer are embodied in the helical gear, which overcomes the shortcomings of the vibration and noise of the spur gear, so the helical gear reducer relies on This uniqueness is widely used in various industries.

  As long as the reducer is needed in the mechanism used to transmit power and motion, the helical gear reducer has a wide range of applications, and its traces can be seen in almost all kinds of mechanical transmission systems, from vehicles, ships, Automobiles, locomotives, heavy machinery for construction, processing machinery and automated production equipment used in the machinery industry.

  The application of the reducer can be seen from the transmission of large power to the transmission of small loads and precise angles. In industrial applications, the reducer has the functions of decelerating and increasing torque, so it is widely used in speed and torque. Convert equipment.It is also used as a driving device and a deceleration device in the transmission machinery of various departments such as textile printing and dyeing, light industry and food, metallurgy and mining, petrochemical industry, environmental protection, lifting and transportation, assembly line and construction machinery.

  helical gearReducerIt is an extension of the gear reducer. Due to the use of helical gears, the minimum allowable number of teeth is less than that of the spur gear, which greatly reduces the probability of undercutting failure of the reducer.The transmission accuracy of the helical gear has more advantages than the general gear reducer, so it is deeply loved by customers.