How to assemble and measure the cycloid reducer?

People who are often in contact with mechanical equipment know that among many machinesReducerIt is one of the more common equipment, which plays a very important role in any high-speed running equipment. Today we briefly introduce the assembly measurement of the cycloid reducer.

  In the assembly of the cycloid reducer, it is often necessary to test the accuracy of the thread. At this time, the thread with a smaller size can be measured with a thread scale.When using the thread centimeter, the measuring head with the same thread profile angle should be selected first, and the calibration gauge should be used for calibration. measurement at each site.

  The measurement of wall size is a common method for measuring the hole distance of assembled parts. At this time, the outer diameter scale or wall thickness scale can be used for measurement.Use the outer diameter scale of the copper pipe or plastic pipe to install the steel ball to check the coordinate size of 7L. When measuring, pay attention to the selection of steel balls with higher precision. At the same time, the actual size of the 7L diameter should be accurately measured, so as to accurately calculate according to the hole wall ruler 4. The coordinate size of the outlet hole: during the measurement operation, the measurement force should not be too large to avoid the influence of the measurement accuracy due to factors such as the steel ball pressing into the 7L wall.Use a wall thickness scale to measure the coordinate size of 7L.

  According to the cycloidReducerFrom the point of view of assembly points and common methods of parts measurement, the reducer is of great help in our machining, thus driving the continuous progress of the national machinery industry.