What should I do if the gear reducer is scrapped?

according toReducerThe manufacturer understands that now many consumers just find a space to leave the scrapped equipment there when it is scrapped, which not only takes up space but also wastes resources, so it is recommended to disassemble the scrapped equipment and use the useful parts. Now, let's briefly analyze the gear reducer.

  1. Scrap of the machine: If the machine can no longer be operated, please scrap the machine, disassemble the machine to parts, remove the motor, and drain the oil in the machine before operation.

  2. Environmental protection treatment: The packaging materials of the reducer, the scrapped parts or the whole machine, and the lubricating fluid must comply with environmental regulations and must not pollute the soil, water and air.The recycling of waste must be carried out in accordance with the local regulations in force.

  Disposal of waste, materials such as iron, aluminum, copper: these recyclable materials must be sent to designated collection centers.

  Plastic and rubber materials: These materials must be sent to a landfill or designated recycling center.

  Waste oil: Please send it to the designated recycling center. Follow the above process to avoid the land occupation of scrapped equipment. At the same time, the disassembled and decomposed parts can also be recycled into other projects, especially the disassembled metal. Waste has great value for reuse.