Installation and use of servo reducer

when we use it correctlyReducerAt the time, the servo reducer is the more popular one. In the case of harsh working conditions and high ambient temperature or special occasions, its use and selection requirements are very important. Today we The installation, operation and maintenance of the Supervision Bureau are carried out as follows.

  1. The ideal choice of reduction ratio: reduction ratio = servo motor speed / reducer output shaft speed, this general formula must be familiar to everyone, right?I hope that when you choose a reducer, you will find the model that is closest to the reduction ratio.When ordering, the lubricating oil of this type of product is semi-solid and does not need to be replaced, but it must be used below 0 degrees, and we should be informed in advance so that antifreeze can be added.In acid and alkali places, we must also be informed and protective measures must be installed.

  2. Calculation of the torque of the reducer: For the life of the reducer, the calculation of the torque is very important, and it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum torque value (TP) of the acceleration, whether it exceeds the maximum load torque of the gear reducer.When ordering, the factory should be informed of the size of the connecting flange and shaft required for the servo motor.

  3. Selection of reducer model: The applicable power is usually the applicable power of the servo models on the market. The applicability of the reducer is very high, and the working coefficient can be maintained above 1.2, but the selection can also be based on your own needs. To decide the key points: (1) The output shaft diameter of the servo motor should not be larger than the maximum used shaft diameter on the table (2) If the torque is calculated, the speed can meet the normal operation, but when the servo is fully output, there is a shortage phenomenon, We can do current limiting control on the motor side driver, or do torque protection on the mechanical shaft, which is very necessary.