What should I do if the cycloid reducer leaks oil?

Now no matter who buys goods or mechanical products, they will choose brand products, not only because brand products are trustworthy, but also in product quality and performance is very good, the sameReducerBrands are no exception. However, when we purchase and use branded reducers, we must pay attention to the oil leakage during use. Xi'an Reducer briefly introduces the reasons for oil leakage of cycloid reducers.

  The main reason for the oil leakage of Xi'an cycloid reducer is that the internal pressure of the cycloid reducer is greater than the external atmospheric pressure; if we try to balance the pressure inside and outside the machine, oil leakage can be prevented.Solution: Made an oil cup type air cap, changed the original thin inspection hole cover to 6mm thick, welded the oil cup type air cap on the cover plate, the diameter of the air hole was 6mm, which was convenient for ventilation, and realized The pressure is equalized, and the oil is added from the oil cup when refueling, so there is no need to open the inspection hole cover, which reduces the chance of oil leakage.

  There is no coupling on the output shaft of the cycloid reducer driven by the whole shaft. If it is transformed according to the scheme 2.3.1, the workload is too large and unrealistic.In order to reduce the workload and simplify the installation procedure, a split end cover is designed, and an open oil seal is tried.The outer side of the split end cover is machined with grooves. When installing the oil seal, take out the spring first, cut the oil seal to form an opening, put the oil seal on the shaft from the opening, connect the opening with adhesive, and then install the opening upward. On the spring, push in the end cap.

  Using new sealing material, new sealing material can be used to block the leakage of static sealing point of cycloid reducer.When the cycloid reducer is overhauled, D05 silicone rubber sealant is applied on the joint surface and end cover to replace the earlier products, and generally there will be no leakage.If the static sealing point of the cycloid reducer leaks oil during the operation, it can be blocked with the oil surface emergency repair agent of surface engineering technology, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating oil leakage.Carefully implement the maintenance process and the process regulations. The oil seal should not be installed backwards, the lip should not be damaged, the outer edge should not be deformed, the spring should not fall off, the joint surface should be cleaned, the sealant should be applied evenly, and the amount of refueling should not exceed the scale of the oil dipstick.