Precautions for the assembly and commissioning of the reducer

nowReducerIt can be said to be widely involved in life and industrial production. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the use in different situations. In this regard, we briefly describe the assembly and testing process and precautions of the reducer.

  (1) There are many in the processing of reducer parts: it needs to be completed by reducer maintenance personnel, and the marking and borrowing of large workpieces before processing: repairing and processing of partially defective parts, etc., such as precision measuring tools, templates, fixtures and molds, etc. The manufacturing is inseparable from the processing and maintenance of the reducer maintenance personnel.

  (2) Reducer assembly and test machine assembly and test machine are one of the important work contents of reducer maintenance personnel.A complete machine is composed of various parts, which are processed by various processing methods.It needs to be assembled by the reducer maintenance personnel.In the assembly process, some parts often need to be drilled, tapped, matched with keys, pins, etc. by the reducer maintenance personnel before they can be assembled.Some parts with low precision can achieve high assembly accuracy after careful repair by the reducer maintenance personnel.