Three precautions when installing and using the reducer

For any instrument and equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation steps and related matters during the purchase and installation process.ReducerThe factory editor wants to analyze how to use it safely from the following three points.

  1. Hammering is strictly prohibited: when the output shaft of the reducer is installed, the direct hammering method cannot be used when connecting parts such as couplings, pulleys, and sprockets, because the output shaft structure of the reducer cannot withstand axial hammering. Screw the screw into the screw hole at the shaft end and press it into the connecting piece.

  2. Be sure to install a vent cap: before use, replace the blockage at the highest position with an exhaust plug to ensure that the reducer is running to discharge the gas in the body.If it is not replaced in time, the reducer will run for a long time, and the gas in the reducer will swell the oil seal, and the reducer will leak oil.

  3. Replace the lubricating oil of the reducer in time, pay special attention to the first time: special attention should be paid to the first oil change. The reducer should be replaced in time after the first 300-400 hours of operation, and then every 1500-2000 hours. Change the lubricating oil every hour.In addition, in the workplace with harsh working environment, high temperature and large dust, the lubricating oil should be checked every half a month. If the lubricating oil is dirty, replace the lubricating oil to keep the lubricating oil clean and prolong the use of the reducer. life and improve economic efficiency.Drain all the previous lubricating oil, rinse it, and then refill the new lubricating oil.